Unlock the healing power of hemp with Hempstock Pharms cannabis grown outdoors, the natural way.

Hempstock Pharms is Woodstock’s first and only craft cbd seed-to-label hemp farm and cannabinoid formulator. We custom craft small-batch cbd topicals, tinctures, and smokables. Our products are rich in cannabinoids and are available in the form of whole craft smokable flower, pre-roles, extracts, ointments, candies, capsules, bottled drinks and pet treats. Grown naturally outdoors, barn dried, and hand processed, our hemp flower maintains all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes without the mind-altering impact of Delta-9 THC (less than .3%). Our high CBD hemp flower is lab tested and unique for it's beneficial and flavorful properties. Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a strain of the cannabis sativa plant species that is grown for three specific uses: food, fiber, and flower. Hempstock Pharms specialty is flower.

Unlock the healing power of hemp with Hempstock Pharms cannabis grown outdoors, the natural way.

Hempstock Pharms grows industrial hemp for the healthful properties of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis flower. Industrial hemp flower has extremely low concentrations of Delta-9 THC (less than 0.3%) and high concentrations of cannabidiol which virtually eliminates any psychoactive effects (ie. you do not get "high").

Hemp flower contains more than 100 cannabinoids and more than 200 terpenes. When humans and animals consume full-spectrum hemp products these cannabinoids create changes in our physiology helping to promote a balanced and healthful endocannabinoid system. This entourage effect (cannabinoids and terpenes working together) is widely reported to provide a host of positive therapeutic benefits.

Modern research is just beginning to unlock our understanding of the healing power of hemp.

Our goal is to help you tap into industrial hemp's healing power!

Our Hempstock Pharm Stand is now open by appointment only. Reach out to set your one-on-one session with one of our cannabinoid advisors. The Hempstock Pharms farm stand is located at the front of our hemp drying barn located just 1 mile from Woodstock’s historic town square (14023 W South Street Road, Woodstock, IL). We are hoping to establish regular weekly hours by the Spring 2022. For now, just send us a text or call 630-301-2010 to schedule your private appointment.

Hempstock Pharms is a member of the McHenry County Farm Bureau, the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce, the Illinois Hemp Growers Association, the Illinois Herb Association, and the Illinois Specialty Growers Association.

We offer on farm working and learning visits, on farm tours, and encourage students to apply for available internships. We often host invite-only private events. If interested, make sure you create an account on this website so you can qualify to receive a personal invitation to one of our exclusive, private gatherings.

Meet the heart of Hempstock, Stacy McCaskill

Stacy is Hempstock’s founder and lead herbalist. She serves on the Board of the Specialty Growers Association and is the VP of the Illinois Herb Association. Stacy's background is in adult learning and small business development. She served as the Small Business Development Center Director at agricultural-focused Sauk Valley Community College and as a tenured business professor at Rock Valley Community College for over a decade. In her role as SBDC advisor, she became the SBA’s leading expert on the legalized industrial hemp industry and has extensively advised hemp farms and businesses throughout Illinois. Stacy has spent her life facilitating learning at home and abroad and she is eager to offer internships, interactive farm tours, workshops, community plant and harvest private gatherings, and work-to-learn opportunities.

Stacy's wife and partner is Dr. Ronda DeVold, DVM. Dr. DeVold holds degrees in zoology, microbiology, and veterinary technology. She has extensive experience in small animal, exotic, emergency and critical care medicine. Dr. DeVold provides compassionate client and animal care at Companion Animal Specialty & Emergency Hospital in Crystal Lake. Dr. Ronda is an amazing resource and advisor in our Hempstock Pharms adventure!

Stacy and Dr. Ronda have three rescue horses, Winter, Ruby & Chase, one mini-horse, Minny Whinny, two golden retrievers Grace and Mackenzie, two birds Dakota and Samson, and a house cat, Maddie, that all share their lives together on their beautiful McHenry County Property.

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one tour, join a community harvest or other on farm work private, invite-only party, please reach out by using our contact us page.

Thanks to all our AMAZING family, friends, and community members who have been so welcoming and supportive as we continue to grow, develop new products, and seek to meet all your cannabinoid needs.

Hempin' Ain't Easy but it sure is rewarding! Hempstock On!!