Return & Refund Policy

Hempstock Pharms Return & Refund Policy last updated September 22, 2021 Thank you for your purchase and for placing your trust in Hempstock Pharms. We appreciate you! With your purchase, you are demonstrating that you have a clear understanding that Hempstock Pharms products contain cannabidiol derived from industrial hemp. Any statements made by Hempstock Pharms or its representatives have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Hempstock products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, always check with your health care professional before taking any new products or supplements. Hempstock Pharms is committed to compliance with FDA regulations and as such, because Hempstock products have not been evaluated by the FDA, Hempstock Pharms makes no claims as to any benefits for products containing cannabidiol or any of the other cannabinoids contained within Hempstock Pharms products. If you decide to purchase any Hempstock Pharms products, you are doing so with a complete and full understanding of the present legal status of cannabidiol and any other cannabinoids contained within Hempstock Pharms products, are fully aware of your own reaction to the cannabinoids contained within, have consulted with your health care professional, and have a plan for the safe and responsible use and application of all Hempstock Pharms products purchased.

Please email if there are any packaging, product quality, labeling or other issues with the product you received. We really appreciate your feedback and are more than happy to work with you to resolve any quality issues you may be experiencing. You may return any products which are damaged or defective and which have been unused. You must reach out to Hempstock Pharms within 7 calendar days of receiving the shipment with valid proof of purchase to initiate the return process. Please note we do not have a money back guarantee, as cannabinoids affect everyone differently. We are not able to accept back any product that has been opened or used. We will be happy to replace damaged products and/or provide you with credit on your next purchase if the damage or defect is due to our error or negligence. If you have any questions about whether your damaged or defective product is available for returns, please feel free to contact us.

Returns Process:

1) Email us at and/or call us at 815-200-8869 within 7 days of receiving your purchase to alert us of the product quality issue you are experiencing. If emailing, please write “QUALITY ISSUE” in the email subject line.

2) Hempstock Pharms will reach out to you within 48 hours from receiving your email request. If it is determined that the quality issue is ours, we will replace the product and/or will provide merchandise credit toward future purchases. You will not be required to return any defective products to Hempstock Pharms.

We will only issue replacement product or merchandise credit for items purchased from the Hempstock Pharms Limited website (

If you have any questions regarding Hempstock Pharms return policy please email us at or call us at 815-200-8869.