Distributor Program


Hempstock Pharms invites you to become a part of the Hempstock Pharms Limited family as a retail distributor. You will earn a minimum of 50% on all retail sales. Our wholesale prices are some of the lowest in the industry while maintaining exceptionally high CBD formulations and custom crafted small-batch quality. Hempstock’s products are 3rd party-tested and formulations were finalized only after extensive product research and development. Hempstock’s products are proven and in high demand. Hempstock Pharms is one of a very select few small family farms fully integrated from seed-to-label. Growing a small 2-3 acre plot annually allows us to focus on each individual plant, hand harvest, barn-dry, and small-batch process all our cannabinoids.

Sales Support

We are proud of the individual attention and training we provide our family of distributors. We work closely with you on your marketing strategy, store layout, and customer interactions. Our CEO, Stacy McCaskill, will meet with you via video chat for personalized onboarding and training. For those who place an initial order of $1500 or more, we will also schedule an in-store sales event where we will work side-by-side with you and/or your staff providing live, on-site sales training and advice. This event is a great way to introduce to your clients to your new line of high-quality Hempstock CBD products.

Getting Started

Visit our website to see the complete lineup of products along with descriptions and photos.  Then simply email your initial order to info@hempstockpharms.com (minimum initial order is $1,500 shipping and handling is a flat $25 per order). Also be sure to include your resellers certificate from your State of origin. Once your order is received, we will create your distributor account and send you your first Hempstock Pharms invoice.  For your second order you will be given an exclusive discount code and then will be able to reorder online tax free and at wholesale prices.  Minimum reorder is $500.  

Next Steps

1. Request Your On-Boarding Meeting: Email info@hempstockpharms.com or call us at 815-200-8869 to request your onboarding. The meeting will be held virtually via video chat. Someone from our staff will go over the product lineup, pricing, medicinal benefits and marketing strategies. We will also cover general account maintenance such as how to place an order, Hempstock’s return policy, payment options, and minimum order quantities.

2. Send in your Resellers Certificate: Send in your resellers certificate documenting your status as a retailer. You should send the certificate for the State in which you will be collecting retail sales taxes. Check with your local taxing authority, but most states simply apply a standard consumer product tax rate to each sale.

3. Place your 1st Order: Email info@hempstockpharms.com your minimum order of $1500 wholesale value. You will receive an invoice via email; simply click to pay. Shipping and handling is a flat $25 per order. There is no credit card processing fee or added charges.

4. Schedule Your 1st In-Person Sales Event: If your initial order is for $3000 or more, our CEO, Stacy McCaskill, will work with you to schedule your 1st retail sales event. Stacy will attend and provide valuable real-time sales training, tips, and suggestions. If you place an initial order for less than $3000, we still strongly recommend you create an in-store sales event. Hempstock will support you in that special sales event by sharing social media posts and email blasts. This is a great way to launch your Hempstock product lineup and get permanent repeat customers coming back week after week and month after month.